Whiteboard Bible 5 - A United Monarchy
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By P.X.T P.X.C VIEWS 25,773
PUBLISHED Feb 6, 2015

Bringing the Story to Life, Whiteboard Video Part 5
The story of the Bible reveals mankind’s relationship with God is less than perfect, but He rescues us. That is true for the Israelites in the time of the kings. Each king of Israel, appointed and anointed by God, had a defining hallmark: Saul was rebellious against God’s authority; David was flawed, but passionate for God; Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest, was filled with tremendous compromise and disobedience. Even so, Israel’s provision and peace flourishes, but after Solomon’s death, Israel encounters a whole new world of trouble. But God provides a way out. The story of the kings of Israel reveals the importance of humbly listening with the intent to obey, the consequences of compromise, and the unshakable legacy that comes from knowing God as the mightiest source available.